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Google Marketing Innovations Keynote 2018; the highlights

Marketing Madheads watched it live!

It’s that time of year again! Google unveiled its latest Ads, Analytics and Platforms innovations. Marketing Madheads got a first look at new features and tools that will help reform and improve your marketing strategy! We also gained access to the latest insights and trends that are shaping the future of the industry. And the future is exciting!

#1 Rebranding Google Adwords to Google Ads [Sridhar Ramaswamy]

Google Marketing Platform


The biggest change is the major rebrand of Google Adwords. What was once AdWords is now a suite of three separate brands: Google Ads, Google Marketing Platform, and Google Ad Manager.

Google wants agencies and corporates to create ads that add value to the customer. This means that ads should be ‘Valuable’, ‘Transparent’ and ‘Trustworthy’ as Sridhar Ramaswamy, SVP Ads Google, did mention (a few times!).

‘Consumers are aware of marketing these days and they want more control and expect the best’ as sir Ramaswamy stated. This means Google will focus even more on intent and tries to give assistance instead of answers.
To make this possible Google introduces ‘Google Marketing Platform’. An unified advertising and analytics platform for smarter marketing and better results.


#2 More possibilities within YouTube Advertising [Nicky Rettke]

Youtube Advertising customer Journey

Source: Youtube

Nicky Rettke, Group Product Manager Video Ads YouTube, also mentions the importance of being relevant throughout the whole customer lifecycle. And YouTube is a big part of that cycle. That’s why Nicky and her team launched a few (semi) new features for YouTube advertising:
– Trueview for reach; a campaign type to create awareness
– Trueview for action; a branded banner right underneath a video to drive clicks
– Maximize lift bidding (brand consideration); a machine learning solution to reach people who are more likely to consider your brand. To create conversions.

So, pretty cool development there. And keep in mind, it is all about ‘assisting people throughout the whole customer journey’. Thanks Nicky!


#3 Machine learning is integrated even more in Google Ads [Anthony Chavez]

Cross device marketing & tracking

Source: Google

The first question of the Product Manager Director at Google Ads, Anthony Chavez, was ‘How innovation can help search ads to deliver even better results’? Hrm, great question.. ‘Machine Learning’!

We already can use ‘ad rotation’ and ‘smart bidding’. Both use machine learning to deliver the best experience to potential customers. And now Google is going to add an extra feature: ‘Responsive search ads’. These will be flexible ads that simplify ad creation and the testing process while delivering better results.

How does this work? You create 15 headlines and 4 descriptions. Google will then deliver the best possibilities to the right customer at the right time. Sweet. And there is even a bonus; this type of search ad will have 3 titles (instead of 2) and 2 90 character holding descriptions. More space to tell the audience why they should pick you!

Another interesting thing Anthony mentioned was the new column in Google ads that will show you the mobile speed score of your landing page(s). And because he also point out that using Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) is a powerful way to supercharge your LP, you should really become aware of the importance of a fast mobile landing page! This will increase your quality score which will repress your CPC’s.

Last but not least is that Google Analytics is rolling out a cross device and remarketing reporting option. This will link devices and moments together and that will give great insights for marketers.


#4 SMB’s can do better advertising in less time [Kim Spalding]

SMB Advertising Google

Source: Google

General manager and Product Management Director at Small Business Ads, Kim Spalding, had a few nice features that are coming soon. With ‘smart campaigns for small businesses’, small business owners can create ads in a very intuitive way.

Google scans the website and automatically creates ads and content and distributes it through Search and Display. Yes, indeed. Google scans a website and automatically creates ads and content and distributes it through Search and Display. You will be up and running with just one click!

And what if you don’t have a website at all? Like 50% of all small businesses in the States? Well, with ‘auto optimized landingpages’ you have a very easy tool to create a great website within Google. Easy as one, two, three!


#5 Product / Person / Time [Philip McDonnell]

Retail advertising

Source: Google

It all starts with getting your products online. And that’s why ‘Google automated feeds’ is rolling out this year. No more difficulties with getting your productfeed right, while Google will create one for you. With, also a new feature, smart shopping campaigns you get your product to the right people. Yes, also Philip McDonnell used the magic phrase of 2018’s marketing keynote ‘get the right product to the right person at the right time’.

Philip, Group Product Manager at Google Ads for Retailers, also declared two new business goals in Ads:
– Driving store visits; get people to your physical store with the new local campaign type
– New customer acquisition; create awareness with potential customers
This will generate more results for shop owners, nice!

Oh, and at last he did talk about how Google is working to take over with a new campaign type for hotels. So if you are responsible for driving people to your hotel then be aware of the new feature that will be launched soon.


#6 Google Marketing Platform [Payam Shodjai]

Display and Video 360 Modules

Source: Google

This years keynote started and ended with GMP. Google marketing platform is a game changer. With Google marketing platform Google provides a central and single solution to manage advertising and analytics. You can plan, buy, measure and optimize at one place.

The team of Payam Shodjai, Product Manager Director at Google Marketing Platform, built an integration with the 360 suite. This is really a step forward for advertisers and marketers. The unified platform is all about getting the best insights and the best results.

If you want to learn more about the announcements about innovations that are coming up then take a look at Marketing Platform Blog.


#Final words

Google is still evolving and is creating top notch solutions for marketers to deliver the best experience to customers. A win-win!
As a partner of Google, Marketing Madheads had a great time watching the 2018 Marketing Keynote live. We are enthusiastic for the future and the new features that will be available this year to our customers!

This blog was written by Marketing Madheads, your online marketing coach.

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