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Keuzevrijheid met één platform waarmee je online marketing zelf doet of uitbesteedt!


When normal projects aren’t enough

Which company offers customers a service that makes themselves obsolete? Well, we do!  This remarkable statement was made by Stefan Picavet, Wouter Swagemakers and Bas van Steen, founders of Marketing Madheads. Last year they broke through the approach of traditional online marketing agencies with their concept. “The power goes to the customer. We offer them the right tools to do this.” Are they really ‘mad’ at Marketing Madheads, or have they correctly assessed the market’s needs? To find this out, we will go back in time together with the founders.

“I have worked six years at KPN, the biggest Telco provider in het Netherlands”, says Stefan Picavet: “I was selected for a prestigious management traineeship, where I was able to get lots of responsibility. Within KPN, online was super-important and we always had a lot of help from different service providers. What I noticed was, that we always found it very difficult to continue achieving results when a project ended and the external service providers finished their tasks. That is strange, right? As a company, I thought it should be possible that at a given moment we could take it to the next level ourselves…? ”

That opinion was shared by Wouter Swagemakers. As a senior online marketer working ‘on the other side’, at the bigger online marketing agencies. “At the online marketing agencies”, Wouter says “everything was focused on taking over as much work as possible from companies. The idea always was that we should not teach companies to do it themselves, because then they would eventually no longer need us as an online marketing agency. Soon Stefan and I were on the same page: it had to be different. Companies need to have the opportunity to improve online marketing themselves and we will help them with that.”


She does what needs to be done

Marketing Madheads offered online marketing tools, support and coaching until a company no longer needed an online marketing agency. Nice, you would say: a unique service segment of the market. Yet there was something Stefan and Wouter bothered: “We saw that we were able to transfer the knowledge, but we had much more and better online marketing tools available than most companies have. Why we do not let the customers benefit from this?”

“The idea of the ‘online tool of all online marketing tools’ was born. Bas: “This is where I came in. As a developer, I was mainly involved in creating M. your (AI) online marketing assistant. She brings the best of all online marketing tools in the world together in one platform. besides that, it gives you access to a network of senior online marketers that help or coach you and text writers and content producers like copywriters or designers.

The future


At this moment, Marketing Madheads hasn’t made itself obsolete in the market yet. Wouter: “That is impossible. In order to become and stay successful, our platform will have to be further developed. “That will keep us sharp in the coming period “, adds Bas. “We are really trying to improve M. in as a total service so that it will become cheaper and better for our clients.

Currently we are continuing to scale up with Marketing Madheads in the Netherlands and also internationally.” Stefan: “We really wanted to keep it small, but now we really have a team. In terms of staff, we are always looking for people who have an entrepreneurial mentality.

We even think about including a requirement for applicants in future job profiles to start their own business within 5 years with the help of Marketing Madheads. By taking an interest in those companies, we keep employees involved. “It is better to work together, then growing your own competition … As you can see, they are mad at Marketing Madheads, however they are not crazy.

Meet the team of Madheads

You have to be a little mad

Stefan Picavet
Head gamechanger
Wouter Swagemaker
Head of digital touchpoints
Bas van Steen
Head Bits & Bytes
Lars Dam
Head of digital magic
Toon Bakker
Head of fuzzy funneling
Thijmen Maas
Head of cozy conversions
Nathalie Nijsse
Head of dreamy images
Marit Wardenier
Head of interconnections
Lise van den Brande
Head of physical marketing