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More than 2000 tickets sold via Facebook and Instagram

For the Dutch nightclub Air in Amsterdam, Marketing Madheads has done social media campaigns on Facebook and Instagram to increase ticket sales for the Amsterdam Dance Event. As a result of these campaigns, more than 2000 tickets were sold for ADE. ADE is one of the biggest dance festivals in the Netherlands and consists of a day program and a festival with many international DJs. The event lasted 5 days and nights and extends over more than 160 locations in Amsterdam, making the competition very high at that time. Air was one of these locations.


Funneling is necessary

The purpose of the campaign for Air was to provide ticket sales for the event through Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat. Marketing Madheads developed Facebook and Instagram funnels to do this. They did this by first determining relevant target groups, such as the tourists with certain interests for EDM, who happened to be present in Amsterdam or in the area of Amsterdam at that time. By running ‘engagement’ campaigns on this target group with related posts about, for example, certain artists, Marketing Madheads could identify which people were extremely interested and which weren’t. Ultimately, ticket sales campaigns were successfully focused on the target groups that displayed the highest likelihood of going to a certain ADE event at AIR.


When sales needs to grow

The festival lasts for five days, so for each day Marketing Madheads made a new focussed funnels to reach only the right target group with the right message. Because of the ADE event there is a lot of competition, so it was very important that the campaign for Club Air was well organized and continuously optimized. The campaign was a great success for Club Air with more than 2000 tickets sold through social media.