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More visitors to 156 franchise-stores

For the company ColorsatHome, the goal was to get more visitors to their 156 franchise stores. In order to achieve this, Marketing Madheads has developed a local multichannel strategy to work from awareness at national level, to more visitors in the store at local level. Marketing Madheads has used the SEO, SEA and Social channels to do this.


When AdWords becomes necessary

As a first step, Marketing Madheads redesigned the Adwords account  around the locations of the franchise stores. The SEA strategy was combined with an SEO strategy, in which dynamic SEO pages were launched around the 156 locations of the franchise stores. These pages were also used for the SEA campaigns, which in turn reduced the costs of SEA campaigns. latly, it was supported with a location based remarketing campaigns on Facebook and Instagram. If people had previously been on the ColorsatHome website, and they were in a certain area around a franchise store, they received a message from the relevant franchise store on their Facebook and Instagram timeline.


Marketing Madheads reaches your goals

The organic traffic of ColorsatHome has experienced a very positive growth. As a result of putting M. to work with  the various optimizations of content on the website, technical improvements at the back and the optimization of the online authority, organic traffic increased with 75%.

In addition, Marketing Madheads has used Facebook and Instagram to distribute various campaigns to a relevant audience for ColorsatHome. Marketing Madheads has reached more than 1 million people with the ads from ColorsatHome. Besides that,  Marketing Madheads scuccesfully trained their contact person at ColorsatHome in a number of sessions to become an experienced Facebook and Instagram marketeer.