Marketeer – Marketing Madheads

Keuzevrijheid met één platform waarmee je online marketing zelf doet of uitbesteedt!


To guide you or do the work for you

The second building block in the platform of Marketing Madheads, is that you can get support from a senior online marketeers to coach you or take work out off your hands.

As a company you can do a lot yourself together with the platform M., but some companies need more support in terms of  knowledge or simply do not have the time. For this reason, Marketing Madheads offers support from senior online marketeers who coach and train you throughout the entire process and provide process guidance. On the other hand, you can also choose to let these marketeers do the work for you so that you know for sure that the work is done properly.


Our online Marketeer does the work for you

Marketing Madheads does everything it can to make companies so good in online marketing that they no longer need an online marketing agency. Do you want to do your online marketing yourself, but do you have insufficient knowledge? Then you can be be trained by a specialized marketeer. Do you not have enough time to do your online marketing yourself? Then you can choose to ask a senior online marketeer to help you.

At Marketing Madheads, we have a large network of Senior Marketeers for the best match with the objectives of your company.


Marketing Madheads gives examples

To give you a better understanding of how this can work. Here we we will provide you with an example:

For AIR Amsterdam, Marketing Madheads has provided a training program in which the marketeer at AIR received coaching in advertising on Facebook and Instagram. Advertising on Facebook and Instagram consists of many different topics where making relevant target groups is the first step. Because a target group can be set up in different ways, Marketing Madheads started with this. As soon as the marketeer at AIR mastered this proces, Marketing Madheads has switched to the second step which was creating a campaign structure with associated advertisements to the specifice target groups. Because AIR Amsterdam itself took care of the content, the focus in this case was on the structure and the correct setting of campaigns, ad groups and associated advertisements. Finally, Marketing Madheads went one step further by linking and monitoring purchases via the website. The AIR marketer now has insight into which purchases have been made after clicking an ad on Facebook or Instagram. After a training period of 3 months in total, the AIR Amsterdam marketeer managed advertising on Facebook and Instagram in such a way that the assistance of Marketing Madheads was not needed anymore. For questions and advice for more extensive campaigns, Marketing Madheads stayed available for AIR Amsterdam to help them and explain things if necessary.