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Within 3 months 26% more organic visitors

For the company Koninklijke NEN (Dutch, European and National Standards), the goal was to get more organic visitors to the website. In addition, NEN wanted to create a structure in which they could continue improving their SEO. They wanted to increase the knowledge level of the entire marketing team of NEN and to organize platform M. in such a way that they could keep improving their results.


We have the best tooling in the world

Marketing Madheads has implemented the SEO platform M. at NEN. This gave NEN direct access to the best online marketing tooling in the world. In addition, Marketing Madheads ensured that the 10 marketing employees of NEN were coached in combination with M. until they could continuously improve the SEO for their fields. A keyword research was done  and also a technical analysis of the website made further improvements. Marketing Madheads remained second line of support for  NEN to ensure that the SEO knowledge of NEN remains up-to-date.


Increase organic conversions with M.

Via Google Analytics, Marketing Madheads saw that the number of visitors to the website increased enormously; the organic traffic of NEN increased by 26%.

Within 3 months these people were fully trained, this in combination with M.

After completing the SEO exam, employees were able to determine and manage optimizations that have impact on organic traffic.