"Madheads? Yes, that’s us for sure!"

Which company offers their customers a service while making themselves unnecessary? Well, Marketing Madheads of course! "This was remarkable statement by Stefan Picavet and Wouter Swagemakers, founders of Marketing Madheads. With their concept, they are breaking through the approach of traditional online marketing agencies. "The power goes to the customer. We provide him with the right tools. "Are they really crazy at Marketing Madheads, or did they listen to the needs of the market carefully? To find out, we go back in time with the founders.

Why outsource online marketing?

"I worked at KPN, the biggest corporate player in the Dutch telecom, for six years," Stefan Picavet begins: "I was part of a management development trajectory, where I could do great things with great responsibility. Online was a main priority within KPN and we always had a lot of help from outside parties. What struck me at KPN was that we always found it difficult to pick up the results achieved when a project ended. That's strange, right. As a company, we should be able to take this to the next level ourselves ...? "That opinion was shared by Wouter Swagemakers. As a senior online marketer working "on the other side", at the online marketing agencies. "At the online marketing agencies where I've worked," says Wouter, "everything was aimed at taking as much work as possible out companies their hands. The idea was always to teach companies as little as possible, because then they would no longer need the online marketing agency. Soon Stefan and I agreed: it had to be different. Companies need to become better in online marketing and we help them to get there. Marketing Madheads supports, coaches and offers online marketing tools to the extent that companies do not need an online marketing agency any longer.

From service to tooling!

That sounds nice, right? A unique service segment of the market. Nevertheless, something kept both Stefan and Wouter busy: "We saw that we were well able to take companies to the next level, but we had much more and better online marketing tools at our disposal than most companies. Because we use these tools every day, we know exactly which tools are good and which are not. Why not let the customers benefit from it? "The idea of the 'online tool for all online marketing tools' was born. Stefan: "We created the" Madhead Madonna; the star webcoach of online marketing ". This is an environment where our customers can be taken online by tutorials and can also use all the tools we have at our disposal. "

Stay ahead of new developments.

At the moment, Marketing Madheads has absolutely not yet made itself unnecessary in the market. Stefan: "It's not even possible. To remain successful, the tool will need to be developed continuously. In the right way, for our customers." "That keeps us sharp in the coming period", adds Wouter. "We are truly incorporating our services entirely with the Madhead Madonna, making it even cheaper and better for our clients. At the time we feel that this is largely achieved, we will continue to scale up Marketing Madheads in the Netherlands and internationally. At this moment, Marketing Madheads is expanding in staff. Stefan: "We wanted to keep it small, but as it is right we have to work with more people. In terms of staff, we are looking for people who have an entrepreneurial mentality. We even think of including a requirement for future job profiles that applicants have to start their own business within 5 years with the help of Marketing Madheads. By taking an interest in these companies, we keep employees involved. "It is better to work together rather than grow your own competition... it seems that they are not that mad at Marketing Madheads after all.

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