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Keuzevrijheid met één platform waarmee je online marketing zelf doet of uitbesteedt!


It starts with a good plan. We will make this free for you.

At Marketing Madheads it always start with making a good plan and a clear online marketing strategy. In an online marketing strategy, Marketing Madheads advices you which channels can be used by your company and how they can reinforce each other for better results. You should think of questions like: do I have to invest in SEO, SEA or both and what do I do with Social? To create this strategy, Marketing Madheads has developed the 4F model. This is based on findings from other models such as the SEE, THINK, DO, CARE model from Google and the Traction model from Weinberg.

Marketing Madheads always offers this analysis for free because this is, on one hand, a way for us to get to know you as a company. On the other hand, this is a great way for you as a company to get to know us. Even if it does not result in a collaboration, Marketing Madheads tries to help you so well, that you do not need an online marketing agency anymore;-).


Marketing Madheads will take you through it

In the online marketing strategy we use the 4F model developed by Marketing Madheads. Based on this model, we build up your online marketing strategy for the best results.

Marketing Madheads builds up the (online) customer journey to  fully support your business goals. In order to ensure that companies can really do their own online marketing, this plan translates into the use of three important building blocks:

Online marketing platform M. that brings together the best online marketing tooling in the world.Senior

Online Marketers who can guide you or do the work for you.

A network of content designers for writing your texts and making your posts.


Examples are the right way to show

To get a better understanding of what Marketing Madheads does with the 4F model, some examples:

Henk Dissel
Henk Dissel goes a step further after a successful concert at the AFAS, he will give a performance in the Brabanthallen  stadium in 2019. To bring this party extra attention, Marketing Madheads uses Facebook, Instagram, Spotify and Snapchat to increase ticket-sales. Besides that, it boosts sales through an email marketing via an automation flow. The strategy we follow is determined on the basis of the 4F model.

Via SEO, Adwords, Social, remarketing and direct mailing campaigns, Marketing Madheads reaches hospitality entrepreneurs who want to have unique and exclusive specialty beers via tap. As soon as hospitality entrepreneurs are registered on the platform, they enter the ‘foster’ flow. In this, the entrepreneurs receive the latest exclusive beers and stay up-to-date on the latest developments of brewfinder.