Tooling – Marketing Madheads

Keuzevrijheid met één platform waarmee je online marketing zelf doet of uitbesteedt!


Doing the right thing by saving time

The first building block and foundation in the platform of Marketing Madheads is  tooling. Within M. it brings together the best online marketing tooling in the world. M. is your AI online marketing assistant.

When you use the right online marketing tooling at the right place, you become much more efficient in managing your own online marketing. In addition, you will become more effective, because it takes way less time.  By using the tooling M. in the right place, you can save 75% of the time spedn on online marketing and inmediately start improving your results.


M. can make you better

M. is your AI online marketing assistant. In this platform, the best online marketing tooling in the world is joined and combined with new functionality. For SEO, data is collected from like tools Majestic SEO, Semrush Proranktracker and many others. This is then combined with new funtionality such as for example Madhead Crawlers. Madhead Crawlers analyze what the top three does in Google and discard this against what you do on your wesbite. Based on this, M. returns the points for improvement that you need to pick up in order to score better in comparison with the top 3. in Google.

At this moment Marketing Madheads is working on the development of the various functionalities in the tool for Social, SEA and Marketing Automation to ensure that you can manage the entire online customer journey from A to Z.


Marketing Madheads gives examples

To give you an example, for NEN picked up the top 3 competitors in the most important positions for and M. determined by using AI what action should be taken to rank in Google. The development is tracked per keyword.